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Agricultura sustentável tem que considerar aspectos socioeconômicos e culturais dos grupos sociais implicados. Não basta proteger e melhorar o solo ou a produtividade agrícola se não resulta em melhorias nas condições de vida das pessoas envolvidas. Portanto, agricultura sustentável é um conceito que implica aspectos políticos e ideológicos que tem a ver com o conceito de cidadania e libertação dos esquemas de dominação impostos por setores de nossa própria sociedade e por interesses econômicos de grandes grupos, de modo que não se pode abordar o tema reduzindo outra vez as questões técnicas.

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"Muita gente pequena, em muitos lugares pequenos, fazendo coisas pequenas, mudarão a face da Terra". provérbio africano

Como os lobos mudam rios

Como se processa os animais que comemos

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quarta-feira, 20 de julho de 2011

Happy Blogiversary!!!


Posted by Anais
Number Nine! Little Homestead in City Celebrates Another Year

Pioneering a New Path

It's our Blogiversary!
Sharing our urban homesteading adventures started one hot July summer day back in 2001 with our first "journal entry." A entry which would eventually leave tracks that trail blazed the modern urban homesteading movement These last few years we have seen a drastic change in urban landscape as more city folks are taking control over their food, energy, fuel, and water supplies.
Actually, this milestone moment would have come and gone, due to the hustle and bustle of homestead life, had it not been for one kind and remembering soul who posted two simple words on my Face Book page "Happy Anniversary!" I wondered what on earth was this person alluding to, what "anniversary?" I was puzzled for a moment. Then it hit me! Could it be? Already? Yes, indeed it was!
We like to wholeheartedly thank you for remembering that milestone - it made for a very special moment! A moment that would have otherwise gone unnoticed and forgotten. Thank you!
And thank you to all our thousands, hundreds of thousands readers, who, over the years, have been following our pioneering journey. Not to mention those of you who have supported our continuing growth over the years either through donations or online purchases from Peddlers Wagon & Freedom Seeds .
Your support, kind words, encouragement and stories of your baby steps towards a more sustainable future have really lifted us up. And, for that, we are truly blessed and humbled.

Dervaes Family Blogs On, For a Better Future

Original Urban Homestead Blog Spurs a Citified Ecological Movement
PASADENA, Calif. ----- When the day's news of ever worsening crises causes heartburn, finding relief is as easy as visiting the Little Homestead in the City blog ( to see how the Dervaes family is progressing with their homemade remedies. This first-of-its-kind blog documents the daily activities of these city dwellers who have reached an extraordinary level of food and energy independence. By freely sharing their practices, the family has inspired hundreds of thousands of readers to pursue a sustainable future and has generated a 21st century urban homestead movement.
"Little Homestead" began in 2001 as an impromptu journal by Pasadena residents Jules Dervaes and his three adult children, Anaïs, Justin, and Jordanne, on their website -- the first, largest, and most comprehensive urban homestead site. Through their adventures in growing and preserving their own food, installing a solar power system, home-brewing biodiesel for fuel, raising backyard farm animals, and learning back-to-basics skills, these modern-day pioneers have revived the old-fashioned spirit of self-reliance and resourcefulness.
Anaïs recalls that, back when they first went public, there were no other blogs like theirs. "We hoped to encourage people to make similar changes," she explains. "My father said, 'Let's show what we do here'; so, nine years ago, we put our family life online. Since 1986 we were striving to live self-sufficiently in the city and we felt others could learn from our example."
The Dervaes homestead has experienced phenomenal growth. Over 6,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables are now harvested annually from the one-tenth acre garden. Likewise, the blog has greatly expanded, drawing over 35,000 visitors per month, and provides gardening tips, conservation ideas, environmental news links, photos, and more. In a popular feature, the family posts their menus of homegrown, home-cooked meals. Additionally, the primary website gets over six million hits per month from more than 120 countries--proof of a global "homegrown revolution" led by the Dervaeses' reality-based model.
The Dervaes family has garnered congressional recognition for their environmental outreach efforts and has been featured in the Los Angeles Times and The New York Times, as well as on ABC's Nightline and CNN. They have received thousands of testimonials from readers who say their lives have been changed, in big ways and small, by the family's trail-blazing work.

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Assine o Abaixo-Assinado virtual que pede o banimento dos agrotóxicos já proibidos em outros países do mundo e que circulam livremente no Brasil.

A Campanha tem o objetivo de alertar a população sobre os perigos dos agrotóxicos, pressionar governos e propor um modelo de agricultura saudável para todas e todos, baseado na agroecologia.

Assine já, pelo banimento dos banidos! Entre no link abaixo.